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Access to the CIS library

Our physical Bookstore is located in the center of Madrid, next to the Plaza de Cibeles, in front of the Madrid City Hall, specifically on Calle Montalbán number 8. Here our readers will be able to buy in paper format the books published by the Research Center Sociological (CIS).

The CIS has 10 collections and a scientific journal, where research and studies linked to the area of knowledge of Sociology and Political Science are published. We have a total of more than 890 publications including books, magazines, yearbooks and memoirs.

In each of the collections the reader can access a specific topic, for example:

  • In the Monografías collection, its more than three hundred titles publish unpublished research works in the Spanish language dedicated monographically to some area or topic of the social sciences.
  • The Cuadernos Metodológicos collection is aimed both at the researcher interested in methodological techniques and resources and at students who are faced with their learning. The more than sixty books available in this collection are eminently practical and pedagogical, becoming useful tools for research and teaching.
  • The Academia collection is dedicated to compiling short works on a specific topic of social or political reality in a volume expressly designed to present different points of view on it. They are usually collective works.
  • The Clásicos Contemporáneos collection provides both university students and the interested public with top-level works of sociology and political science, which are unpublished or not available in Spanish.
  • The Clásicos del Pensamiento Social collection, co-published with the BOE, includes works that occupy an important position in the history of the social sciences, but that are unpublished in Spanish or are not available.
  • Debate Social is a collection that encourages the development of rigorous research, both theoretical and empirical, that serves to guide public reflection on these issues.
  • The Elecciones collection that updates us on the electoral processes.
  • The Opiniones y Actitudes collection that disseminates empirical analyzes of data, generally produced by the CIS.
  • The Trayectorias collection includes the most significant works of the academic career of prominent figures in Sociology and Political Science of Spain.
  • And finally, the Fuera de Colección books, as is the case with tributes or some works co-published with other institutions.

Some of our titles are also available in PDF format with lower prices and can be purchased through our WEBSITE, which will direct you to the dedicated platform . Soon we will also have the print-on-demand service

Some collections, such as Opinions and Attitudes, and some titles that are already out of print or discontinued can also be consulted for free and openly at the following link.


Center for Sociological Research (CIS) Bookstore

C/ Montalbán 8, Madrid 28014. Madrid. Spain



Our public sales hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (it is recommended to make an appointment)

It is also possible to purchase them through our virtual store with a 5% discount , receiving the books comfortably at your home.

Our new shipping rates (both national and international), more economical and by final weight, make it profitable and encourage the purchase of a greater number of copies.


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