Postgrade course

The purpose of the Postgraduate Course is to contribute to the training of higher university graduates in social research techniques, giving special relevance to the collection of data and their analysis, interpretation and presentation, all with an essentially practical orientation.

For this, up to a maximum of 22 places are offered, which will be awarded through the selection of candidates who meet the requirements demanded in the call. And ten tuition grants will be awarded to applicants admitted to said course, for the amount of half of it. Two of the Course places will be reserved for people who can prove a disability equal to or greater than thirty-three percent. If these places cannot be filled in the manner indicated, they will become part of the general quota.

All the activity of the teaching and research program will be carried out at the headquarters of the Sociological Research Center in person, as long as health circumstances allow; Otherwise, and for exceptional reasons, it would be done online.

The course is structured in two modules with the following contents:


The teachings of each module include theoretical and practical classes. The completion of practical exercises is supervised by teachers and CIS professionals.

Latest Edition (2023-2024)

Summary of the call

Resolution of the CIS Presidency.

It is a specialization course in social research techniques, with emphasis on research design and data analysis.


Higher graduates with adequate training in the areas of social sciences.


Provisional program. See Annex IV of the Call Resolution.

Duration and schedules

January to July, weekly face-to-face sessions, in the afternoon (5 p.m. to 8 p.m.). 300 teaching hours.

Registration and registration

Complete the forms Annex I, Annex II.

Enrollment for the complete course: €1,360.

All processing will be carried out, as stated in the Call Resolution, through the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts: procedures - Ministry of the Presidency (

Number of aid and amount

10 tuition grants equal to half the price of the Course.

Necessary documentation

Application: Annex I ; Annex II

Curriculum vitae (with documentary evidence of merits). Maximum six pages.

Official academic certification with the average grade of degree/bachelor's degree.

Presentation letter.

Updated certificates that prove that you are up to date with compliance with tax and social security obligations.

Application submission deadline

Starts: Friday, September 15.

Ends: Thursday, October 5.

Current situation

Resolution of the Presidency of the Center for Sociological Research, which makes public the award of admission to the XXXII Postgraduate Training Course for Specialists in
applied social research and data analysis 2023-2024, and the awarding of tuition aid linked to its completion

Secretariat and information

For any additional information, you can contact the Research Promotion Service: