Training scholarships

The Training Scholarship program for Postgraduates in Subjects of Interest to the Agency aims to contribute to the training of professionals in the production and analysis of statistical data. During their stay at the Center for Sociological Research, the scholarship recipients learn first-hand about the process of producing statistical information and the development, from its first steps, of a quantitative research project.

Order PCM/918/2020 of September 21, establishes the regulatory bases for the granting by the Sociological Research Center of training scholarships for postgraduates in subjects of interest to the Sociological Research Center, BOE number 259 of September 30 of 2020, approves the new regulatory bases for the granting of these scholarships by the CIS.

Last edition (2024)

Summary of the call

Resolution calling for the CIS Presidency.
Training of postgraduates in the methods and techniques used in applied social research through participation in the research tasks and training activities of the CIS.

All processing will be carried out, as stated in the Call Resolution, through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts: 648/one way/2781/

Number of aid and amount
10 scholarships.
Graduate or licensed degree or approved foreign degree, obtained within the 4 years prior to the date of publication of the call. Average rating of at least 1.8.
Necessary documentation
Application (complete Annex I , Annex II ); Curriculum vitae (maximum 6 pages); official academic certification with the grades obtained and accreditation of the merits of the curriculum vitae.
Application submission deadline


Current situation

Resolution of the Sociological Research Center to award 10 training scholarships for postgraduates for the year 2024

Secretariat and information

For any additional information, you can contact the Research Promotion Service: