Research grants

The CIS annually calls for grants in order to promote and stimulate applied social research in matters of interest to the organization. These research grants are fundamentally intended for the exploitation of its data bank and the completion of doctoral theses in political science or sociology.

Order PRE/593/2016 , of April 21, approves the new regulatory bases for the granting of these research grants.

Last edition (2024)

Summary of the call

Presidential Resolution
Presentation location

Electronic Headquarters Ministry of the Presidency - Team

Electronic Office Ministry of the Presidency - Individual or Thesis

Original research projects on social and political reality.
Number of aid and amount

8 grants for the exploitation of the CIS Data Bank:

Individual: €6,000

Research team: €10,000

2 Grants for the completion of doctoral theses: €5,000 each.

See in the Second article of the Call Resolution
Necessary documentation


ANNEX I - Individual instance (research/thesis)

ANNEX II - Instance of research teams


ANNEX III.- Responsible Declaration of Compliance with Requirements

ANNEX IV. - Responsible Declaration for Public Subsidy


Curriculum Vitae (max. 6 pages)

Documentation supporting investigations carried out in the last 5 years.

Proof of possession of a master's degree, access to a doctorate, DEA, research proficiency or a doctorate degree (mandatory IP of the team.

Brief report on the research or thesis project (300-word report with an anonymized version of it. Optionally, and for a better evaluation of the project, a longer report with a maximum of 2,500 words may be delivered).

For aid for the completion of doctoral thesis: Proof from the director that you are in the completion phase. Certificate from the University to which it has been presented for reading.

For more information, it is recommended to review sections 2 and 3 of the Call Resolution.


The documentation must be completed and presented as a digitally signed pdf using recognized certificates included in the " Trusted List of Certification Service Providers " (TSL) established in Spain.


Application submission deadline

20 business days, starting from the day following the publication of the extract of the Resolution in the BOE. From February 26 to March 22 inclusive.

Current situation

The Call Resolution is published (BOE. No. 48 of February 23, 2024 )

Secretariat and information

For any additional information, you can contact the Research Promotion Service: