Información General

The purpose of the CIS is the scientific study of Spanish society, which is carried out mainly through studies that capture the opinions and attitudes of the population. To carry out this work, the CIS, through this space, and following a general strategy of transparency and modernization, makes available to the general public all the quantitative and qualitative studies that it has been carrying out since its creation in 1963.

Some of the surveys carried out by the Institution are considered state statistics and therefore collected within the National Statistical Plan.

With the aim of enabling a simple and efficient way to access data, through this space you have access to both the Advances of survey results, that is, provisional information published immediately after completing the field work, as well as as well as its entire Catalog of Studies where they are located once the technical preparation process is concluded and the tasks of quality control, validation, anonymization, cataloging and computer loading of the data in its database have been carried out.