Spatial representation and maps

Portada Representación espacial y mapas

Spatial representation and maps

50 - Cuadernos Metodológicos

Rodrigues-Silveira, Rodrigo

210 pages

Madrid, 2013.

ISBN: 9788474766189



This book aims to offer a basic methodological framework for the analysis of social issues from a spatial perspective. In this sense, it seeks to provide the necessary instruments both to incorporate the territory in scientific works and to interpret specialized publications in the area. In addition to teaching how to make different types of maps and how to obtain good visual results, this volume also explores some additional strategies such as geocoding of addresses, analysis of hot spots or spatial agglomerations, areas of influence and diffusion, as well as others. innovative analysis techniques in the social sciences. The book consists of auxiliary material, which contains the complete reproduction of the codes included in the examples.