New online platform for analysing data from CIS studies

The new online CIS platform allows results to be easily analysed by using interactive cross references and adaptable table and graph display options, enabling results to be exported to Excel and PDF

Search criteria can be expanded to enable a choice of year, free text or an advanced search tool with numerous fields. It is also possible to search by question, free text or using an advanced search tool. Finally, searches can be carried out by series.

The results enquiry is also linked to the time series enquiry so that the series (singular or plural) for a specific question can be accessed directly for consultation and the time graph can be downloaded in Excel and PDF format.

It enables all the files associated with a study to be downloaded, such as the microdata.

The online analysis platform is simple and intuitive, and therefore requires no instructions for use.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please write to BancoDeDatos@CIS.ES

The graph resulting from a question cross referenced against a variable and the graph resulting from a series is shown below.

Example Graph 1' Example Graph 2

Click here to access the new online platform for analysing data from CIS studies