El CIS presenta en Madrid "A propósito de Tilly: conflicto, poder y acción colectiva"

It is the largest collection of reflections on the work of a classical scholar of social conflict.

The CIS presents "About Tilly: conflict, power and collective action," a timely analysis of collective action and popular uprisings.

  • The event will take place on Tuesday, 29 November, at 7:00 pm in the Professional Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Madrid.
  • It will be attended by CIS Chairman Ramón Ramos the book's editor, Maria Jesús Funes, and professors Manuel Pérez Ledesma and Alfonso Pérez-Agote, as well as the Dean of the National Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists, Miguel Ángel Ruíz de Azúa.

Research by Charles Tilly (1929-2008), essential author for understanding political struggle and social conflict, shows how social bases organised in various forms of collective action can influence and condition the course of history. His studies on revolutions, the formation and evolution of states and his theory of collective action are focused on his greatest concern: the defence of citizens' rights and the search for political systems that are attentive to the living conditions of the weakest members of society.

This work of the American sociologist, historian and political scientist has the largest collection of reflections on his work published to date. Each chapter analyses his texts, theories and methodological designs, with some including case studies. This book helps to understand a time marked by intense popular movements, some with very important consequences, such as the protests that spread in 2011 from Tunisia to Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc., the "Arab Spring" and other demonstrations in the democratic West demanding more attention to citizens' demands, such as the May 15 Movement (15M) in Spain, which was replicated in other countries, the protests in Greece, the United Kingdom, etc.