The CIS present as guest of honour at the 2nd International Social Science Book Fair in Guatemala


Madrid, 21 October. The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS), Spain's official sociological research body has, through its Department of Publications and Research Promotion, attended the 2nd International Social Science Book Fair as guest of honour, organised by the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, FLACSO-Academic Seat Guatemala.

The main objective of this event, which took place from 27 September to 2 October, was to promote books specialising in social sciences among secondary level and university students, academics and professionals from Central America.

During the inaugural session, the CIS Publications Department shared its experience in the field of publishing, dissemination and marketing government academic publications with the authorities and public who attended, through a talk entitled: "Publicaciones del CIS: El reto de editar en ciencias sociales desde la Administración pública" (CIS Publications: The challenge of publishing social sciences from the public administration).

FILCSO invited the Autonomous University of Mexico as guest of honour at the event's first edition last year, and brought together more than 20 Latin American publishers from specialist institutions producing social science text books, universities and research centres.

This year's edition acknowledges the high quality editorial and academic work of the CIS, which has a catalogue that extends to almost 500 titles, in publishing the most important research conducted in the field of social sciences.