First Prize for Best Article Published in the REIS

The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas announces the creation of the annual Best Article Published in the REIS Prize. With this prize, which will be awarded for the first time in 2010 to the best article published in 2009, the CIS particularly seeks to acknowledge the articles displaying the most originality, importance and high methodological quality published annually in the journal; at the same time, it wishes to provide a boost to authors by supporting the dissemination of their research activity among the scientific community both in Spain and abroad and increasing the visibility of their work in the field of the social sciences.

We would also like to report that the REIS has been selected to form part of the two most prestigious international citation indices: the Thomson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index, and Elsevier's Scopus. Apart from representing an extraordinary recognition of its acknowledged quality and scientific importance, it means that the journal joins the small group of Spanish publications that have been admitted to these international benchmark indices.

On the other hand, in our recent study on specialist Spanish social science journals the level of interdisciplinary content is analysed. The results obtained by REIS are excellent; it is in third place in the social science journal category and first in the sociology and political science category:

Additionally, we remind that the REIS has broadened the free access to its articles; now, only the last four numbers are exclusively reserved for subscribers.

Finally, we wish to announce that, following the decision of the Editorial Board, the REIS is to become a bilingual publication. It already receives and assesses manuscripts in English and those that obtain the approval of the Editorial Board will also be published in this language.