The CIS offers free access to the Opiniones y Actitudes collection

CIS offers access to and free downloads of the new titles in the collection Opiniones y Actitudes. Downloads can be carried out on personal computers or on other electronic reading devices at no additional cost. For this purpose three electronic formats have been developed: pdf accessible (designed so that any user, regardless of their physical abilities and using the appropriate devices, is able to read the book from their computer); and two further formats which are adapted to various electronic reading devices: pdf for e-readers and e-pub for every type of electronic device and smartphones.

Existing download formats:

  • pdf accessible
  • pdf for e-readers
  • e-pub for any other electronic devices and smartphones

For those who wish to acquire a paper copy of the book, forthcoming titles will also be available via the "impresión bajo demanda" facility, where any reader who prefers to have a physical copy will be able to purchase one by placing an online order on our web page.
In order to buy the paper edition, click on the image Role impression icon of the title which interests you; this will take you to a print-on-demand platform where you will be able to acquire the book.