Department of Publications and Research Promotion

The role and activities of the Department of Publications and Research Promotion are divided in three areas: Publications, research development and library and documentation.

The Publications Service is focused on providing services to the academic and research community in Spain, as evidenced by its publishing work. Its publications comprise eight book collections and a journal, the Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas, and these cover the main fields of interest for the development of sociology and political science.

The Research Development Service fosters research staff training in the sphere of applied social and political research, through its scholarships for young researchers and social science researchers programmes, its research grants and its postgraduate training in social analysis techniques.

Lastly, its bibliographic and document collections, provide support for research work undertaken by staff from the centre and social science researchers in general. Its library, which is open to the public, contains over 30,000 monographs and over 1,000 periodicals.


Appointment: July 12, 2018