The main function of the CIS (Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, or Centre for Sociological Research) is to study attitudes and behaviour within Spanish society and measure their stability and change over time. This yearbook is part of a series that started in 2012. It compiles results from monthly opinion barometers conducted via individual surveys carried out during 2018. It presents questions of particular relevance - some of which are repeated monthly whereas others relate to the specific theme of each survey. The aim is to offer the public a more visual and approachable selection of the data that is generated annually by this institution.

     This edition consists of the following: an initial section that sets out a detailed description of the methodology used throughout the document; ten themed chapters; and an appendix containing the technical data sheets from the studies used for this yearbook. The first two chapters are longitudinal in nature, reflecting perceptions of the economic and political situation and an assessment of the government and the opposition. It is followed by eight themed chapters, covering subjects such as health and therapies, intergenerational relations, data protection, leisure time and tourism, the Spanish Constitution and satisfaction with democracy, climate change, the European Union and opinions on fiscal policy.

      The tables presented help us understand what type of people surveyed are most likely to hold each of the opinions contained in the surveys, according to a selection of characteristics. These include socio-demographic features such as sex, age, education, employment situation, marital status and socio-economic status, as well as others such as the size of the place where they live, ideology, voting record and religious practice. This yearbook therefore presents not only the general opinions or behaviours of those interviewed, but also offers the option of looking in detail at the opinions and behaviour for specific groups. The databases used to create this yearbook, as well as all the surveys, series and questions carried out by the CIS since 1999 can be found on its website ( where they can be viewed or downloaded free of charge.

Madrid, 30 April 2020