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The Data Bank Catalogue brings together the information from all the surveys and qualitative research studies conducted by the centre since it was founded. By use of the different search options you may access the information from the studies and all Data Bank products which are distributed free of charge

Since January 2009, the Data Bank offers the download of microdata files of the research studies performed by the Centre in recent years, free of charge. We are working so that all the studies are available for free download in the near future.

Online access to the data bank allows you to consult its holdings of more than 2,000 studies accumulated since its creation in 1963.

The spreads of unidimensional marginal frequencies, the crosses of certain political and sociodemographic variables, and data matrices, this information is easily accessible for CIS studies through a consultation application, which includes the present catalogue of surveys, as part of a wide-ranging online search service covering studies, questions and series.

The catalogue also offers users access to microdata files which are available for free download.



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