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Content-analyzing Political Texts. A Quantitative Approach 47 Cuadernos Metodológicos
Alonso, Sonia; Volkens, Andrea; Gómez, Braulio
146 págs.
Madrid, 2012.
ISBN: 9788474765922
This book is a manual on content analysis of political texts. The first part is a self,help text for students and researchers who want to test their own research hypotheses by using this methodological tool. The second part is aimed at students and researchers interested in applying a specific approach to content analysis of political texts: the coding of elections programs. The book discusses in particular the coding system of the Manifesto Project. The third part presents a summary of the main questions and research hypotheses which have been examined in political science using Manifesto Project data, and offers numerous suggestions on how to use the data for a specific research project