Opiniones y Actitudes

The Opiniones y Actitudes collection fulfils the function of disseminating empirical analyses of data, generally produced by the CIS, placing special emphasis on the presentation and description of the results, rather than in developing theories or determining causal links between variables. It also aims to be easily read by a non-specialist readership and must not exceed 125 pages in length.

Since mid-2010, this collection is published in electronic format and it can be consulted and downloaded free of charge through the CIS website. This download can be performed in different formats, in accordance with the reader's requirements: Accessible downloadable pdf and for e-viewers, epub and adapted pdf. Readers who want a hard copy of the book can purchase it placing an order on the printing platforms that appear on the CIS website.

Latest titles

Biedma Velázquez, Lourdes; García Rodríguez, M.ª Isabel; Serrano del Rosal, Rafael

Percepciones sociales del dolor

Opiniones y Actitudes 77

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Jiménez-Sánchez, Manuel; Ruiz Jiménez, Antonia M.ª; Navarro Ardoy, Luis

Protesta y cambio electoral en España (2003-2013)

Opiniones y Actitudes 76

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