• 16.07.2018 The CIS publishes the 2017 Yearbook in free downloadable electronic format. [view +]
  • 16.04.2018 First Spanish Congress on the European Social Survey, “Spanish Society from a Comparative Perspective: 15 years of the ESS in Spain”. Organised by the National Committee of the ESS in Spain, it will be held on 20 and 21 September 2018 in Madrid (CIS headquarters). EXTENDED until May 6, 2018 the deadline to submit work proposals. For more information, please click here.    
  • 19.02.2018 The CIS is carrying out the Spanish General Social Survey (ESGE). This is a survey within the framework of the National Statistical Plan 2017-20 whose objective is to know the main characteristics of people living in Spain. If you have received a letter to your home requesting your participation in this survey, we thank you very much for your participation.    
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  • 24.07.2018 Premio Nacional de Sociología y Ciencia Politica 2018 otorgado a María Ángeles Durán [view +]
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