• 16.06.2016 The CIS publishes the 2015 Yearbook in free downloadable electronic format. [view +]
  • 06.06.2016 Advance on study results 3138 Barómetro de mayo de 2016. [view +]

    Barometer Indicators (May 2016): Indicators of political and economic trust and confidence in the government/opposition system; ideological self-positioning indicator and voting intention and estimation series.

  • 03.06.2016 Advance on study results 3139 Indicador de Confianza del Consumidor. Mes de mayo. [view +]
  • 30.05.2016 Publication of data from the countries participating in the 7th edition of the European Social Survey, including data from Spain. The CIS was responsible for funding, coordinating and conducting this edition of the survey. [view +]
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  • 02.06.2016 Announcement. Fe de erratas of the 9th Summer course on sociological and political research at Harvard 2016. Form. Prorroga. (Plazo: 17/06/2016).
     [view +]
  • 06.05.2016 Notice of calling for the 2016-2017 Postgraduate Training Course for Applied Social Research and Data Analysis Specialists. Form. Anexo II. (Deadline: 09/05/2016). [view +]
  • 14.03.2016 Notice  ([Official State Gazette] BOE 12/03/2016) for the National Sociology and Political Science Award 2016. [view +]
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