World Social Science Forum 2013

Social Transformations and the Digital Age

Montreal, Canada - 13 to 15 October


CIS took part for the first time in the World Social Science Forum (WSSF), organised by the UNESCO International Social Science Council.

The theme of this edition of the WSSF was social transformations in the digital era. Over 800 delegates from European, American, Asian and African countries attended the event.

At the WSSF2013, CIS organised the working session "Digital Technologies and Digital Data as Strategic Research Materials for the Social Sciences", coordinated by Professor Manuel Fernández Esquinas (IESA).

CIS presented its database of studies as an example of accessible and free data, in reference to one of the most debated issues in the different forum sessions: access to data in the field of social sciences.

Participating in the WSSF is part of the CIS's internationalisation strategy. The main goal of the WSSF is to address relevant issues in social sciences, as well as to channel the work and reflections of different institutions and bodies working in these fields.

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