The CIS signs collaboration agreement with various Spanish universities to offer work experience to masters students and postgraduates.

The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) has signed a collaboration agreement with various Spanish universities for a "Work Experience Programme" aimed at postgraduate and/or masters students from these universities.

The work experience will consist of specific activities related to sociological research, administration, documentation, publishing and data banks, as well as other practical activities related to the CIS' regulatory functions.

In the agreement, the CIS defines the university student profile required, as well as the tasks to be carried out during the period to be defined, which will not exceed four months. The work experience will not be paid.

For its part, the university agrees to promote the programme among those masters and postgraduate students that it deems to be appropriate for the work experience, and the CIS will select the candidates from those put forward by the university. Work experience profiles requested.

The work experience will be divided into three periods that will coincide approximately with the university calendar.

Masters and postgraduate students interested in participating in this programme from the third term of the year and who are studying a subject related to the CIS' areas of interest can contact the organisation at: