Prior legislation

Creation of the Instituto de la Opinión Pública:

Decree 8/1963, dated 3rd January (BOE 11/01/63).

Organisational Structure of the IOP:

M.O. dated 31st May 1974 (BOE 11/06/74).

Establishment of the new organisational structure for the IOP:

M.O. dated 23rd June 1975 (BOE 1/07/75).

Structure of the IOP:

Royal Decree 2512/1976, dated 30th October (BOE 6/11/76).

The IOP is renamed "Dirección General del Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas":

Royal Decree 2761/1977, dated 28th October (BOE 8/11/77). Article 6.

Regularisation of the organisation and activities of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas:

M.O. dated 15th February 1978 (BOE 7/03/78).

Use of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas Data Archive:

M.O. dated 13th December 1978 (BOE 14/12/78).

Co-operation agreements with the Central Government for sociological research:

M.O. dated 14th February 1984 (BOE 15/02/84).

Organisation of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas:

Royal Decree 1526/1990, dated 8th November (BOE 30/11/90).
(Repealed; replaced by Royal Decree 1214/1997, dated 18th July).

Database access regulations:

Order 31-3-1993 (BOE 1/04/93). 
(Repealed; replaced by Law 39/1995, dated 19th December).