National Sociology and Political Science Prize

National Award Atril09_Soc

This prize, of consolidated prestige among the academic and professional community, represents the acknowledgement of a scientific career undertaken in the field of sociology and/or political science.


Summary of the 2018 edition
Official Announcement

by Decision by the CIS Presidency.

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Candidates for the Award may be put forward by the designated members of the panel of judges constituted for that purpose, as well as public institutions closely linked to sociology or political science.

Target group

Awarded in recognition of the scientific contribution and effort of the awardees in the field of sociology or political science, as indicated by their professional career or in recognition of a specific work.

Award amount

The amount of the prize is €25,000.

Application deadline

It will conclude on 12 May of the corresponding year, except for proposals made by members of the panel of judges, which can be formulated directly during the meeting held to award to prize.

Current situation