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Postgraduate course

Postgraduate course

The Postgraduate Course aims to contribute to the training of university graduates in social research techniques, placing particular emphasis on data collection and its analysis, interpretation and presentation, all under a largely practical approach.

To this end, 24 places are available which will awarded by a selection of candidates who fulfil the requirements stipulated in the announcement.

The course is delivered in-house and is structured into two modules with the following contents:

  • Module 1. Data collection and research through surveys.
  • Module 2. Survey data analysis and interpretation.

The teaching-learning in each module includes theory and practical classes. The practical exercises are tutored by CIS technicians.

LATEST EDITION (2016-2017)

Summary of the edition

Resolution of the CIS Presidency dated 27/04/16.



A specialisation course in social research techniques, with emphasis on research design and data analysis.

Target group

University graduates with adequate training in the field of social science.


Subjects and calendar



Duration and academic calendar

October to July, between three and four sessions a week in the afternoon (17.00 to 20.00). 300 Teaching hours.

Registration and enrolment

Form. Applications accepted until 12  September Enrolment fee for the full course: €2,000


2 full scholarships.
6 partial scholarships.

Current situation

List of accepted candidates.


Secretariat and information

For any further information, you may contact the Research Promotion Service: