Research grants

Every year, the CIS awards scholarships and grants in order to  promote and foster applied social in subject areas of interest for the institution. These research scholarships and grants are aimed essentially at the exploitation of its Data Bank and the conclusion of doctoral theses on political science or sociology.

La Orden PRE/593/2016 , de 21 de abril aprueba las nuevas bases reguladoras para la concesión de estas ayudas para la investigación.


Summary of the edition
Official Announcement

Resolution  (BOE 14/07/16).


Original research projects on the social and political scene.

Number of scholarships and amounts

5 scholarships of € 10,000 each.
3 scholarships of € 6,000 each.
2 scholarships of € 4,990 each, to complete doctoral theses.


Applicants must prove that they: hold a PhD with research experience in the field of Social Science for team grants; have passed the DEA or equivalent for individual grants; and have passed the DEA or equivalent and are in the concluding phases of a doctoral thesis for conclusion of doctoral theses grants.

Necessary documentation

Individual form, Form for research teams,Statement of Compliance curriculum vitae, brief research project description or thesis project. Virtual Office Individual, Virtual Office Group

Application deadline

20 calendar days from the day after publication of the extract of the Decision in the BOE. Deadline: 8 August 2016.

Current situation

list of awardees. Plazo de entrega..

Secretariat and information

For any further information, you may contact the Research Promotion Service: