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Clásicos Contemporáneos

Clásicos Contemporáneos

The Clásicos Contemporáneos collection offers both university students and the public with an interest top level works in sociology and political science, which are unpublished or unavailable in Spanish. This collection aims to be a highly useful resource in university teaching and learning.

Latest titles

Bellah, Robert N.; Azaola Juan Ramón; Barba, Andrés; Cáceres, Carmen (trs.); Beriain, Josetxo (rev.)

La religión en la evolución humana: del Paleolítico a la era axial

Clásicos Contemporáneos 20

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Alexander, Jeffrey C.; Belmonte, María; Pando, M.ª Jesús; Pérez-Agote, José M.ª (trs.); Pérez-Agote, José M.ª (rev.)

Poder y performance

Clásicos Contemporáneos 19

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