Clásicos del Pensamiento Social

The Clásicos del Pensamiento Social collection, jointly published with the B.O.E., includes authors who occupy an important place in the history of the social sciences, but which are unpublished or unavailable in Spanish. This collection has enabled Spanish works of this type to be made available to today's readers.

Latest titles

Lazarsfeld, Paul F.; García Ferrando, Manuel (rev.); Carbonell, Ovidi y Berenguer, Irene (trs.)

El enfoque matemático en las ciencias sociales

Clásicos del Pensamiento Social 18

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Whyte, William F.; Sarabia, Bernabé (prólogo); Miguel, Verónica de (tr.); Cuéllar Jesús (tr.)

La sociedad de la esquina: la estructura social de un barrio bajo italiano

Clásicos del Pensamiento Social 17

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