The Monografías collection is composed, in general, of unpublished Spanish-language research projects dedicated monographically to an area or issue within the social sciences. This collection aims to disseminate works on current issues, of acknowledged relevance and scientific quality, therefore they are selected using the most demanding criteria, under anonymous peer assessment. This collection admits the best doctoral theses presented in the field of the social sciences (as long as they are presented in an academic format); works of international importance which, for different reasons, have not been translated into Spanish; and any other monographic research paper which fulfils the aforementioned requirements of rigour and excellence.

Latest titles

Bericat, Eduardo

Excluidos de la felicidad: la estratificación social del bienestar emocional en España

Colección Monografías 310

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D´Oliveira-Martins, Madalena

Arlie Russell Hochschild: un camino hacia el corazón de la sociología

Colección Monografías 309

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